A short introduction


DELI-DOG© produces and markets high-quality food and snacks for dogs. Our ambition is to offer delicatessen products to our dogs as a reward for their good behavior. We produce all-natural foods to promote the well-being of pets everywhere.

We pay close attention to detail throughout the production process, from the selection of the ingredients up until the end of the product preparation.

We are proud of our products and that keeps us moving in the same direction: our work and our research are directed toward providing the most natural diet possible for our pets.

Our philosophy


Experience: For years, our production has been focused on Snacks. As a result, we have become specialized in that type of product.

Service: From day one, our company has offered direct and flexible service. We have been able to adapt to the demands of the market and to the needs of each and every one of our distributors.

Distribution: Efficiency and immediacy. We are able distribute our products, from 1 pallet to an entire truckload, in the span of one week.

Our product


Our product line is divided into 2 types of foods:

    “Delicatessen” meat and rice sticks; they are a nutritional complement to our dogs’ diets and a treat for our pets. You will find them in 4 different flavors: Chicken, Lamb, Beef and Salmon. They come in packages of 300g. and 800g.

    This natural food is prepared with whole pieces of chicken meat cooked in its own juices. It also comes combined with fish, broadening its attributes and the vitamins it provides.


Our History


  • 2003 DELI-DOG SNACKS, S.L. was born; we founded the company based on the philosophy of offering natural, appetizing snacks for dogs, as a reward for our loyal friends. We began manufacturing a range of snacks and distributing them locally.

  • 2007 We invested in distribution and design and began our expansion into Europe. During the year we decided to give our packaging a new look and we redesigned our labels, giving them a more up-to-date style and a modernized look.

  • 2008 We built up a network of 20 distributors in the Spanish territory and a presence in 8 countries. We managed to make our product available in countries where people share our passion for our dog friends.

  • 2010 We introduced a new dog food: NATURAL DIET, a natural menu prepared with whole pieces of chicken and slow-cooked in its own juices. A complete and balanced food for our pets that is widely approved by people who care about their loyal friends' quality of life and are willing to pay a little more for it.

  • 2012 We introduced DELI-DOG SNACKS SALMON, a new flavor requested by our customers in Northern European countries. We presented our new website with an innovative design and a format adapted to new technologies and social networks.

  • 2013 • Our DELI-DOG CORE was born. We took the plunge and broke away from the stick format by introducing a variety of heart-shaped chicken snacks. They are the ideal size for small dogs or to carry in your pocket at any time.

  • 2014 Exclusive importer for Spain of ViyoFortalece®. ViyoFortalece® is a healthy beverage for your pet, developed by veterinarians. Contains prebiotic fibers to help improve digestion and intestinal flora.

  • At DELI-DOG SNACKS, S.L. we are working every day toward entering new markets and developing our products to keep them up to date.

International presence


delidog world-27

The expansion of our business has led us to print labels in 15 different languages.

We currently have distributors in 10 different countries.

  • Denmark
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Czech Republic
  • Cyprus




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