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DELI -DOG Super-Premium Snacks

Fun, healthy snacks that are 100% natural.
Dog snacks: reward their fidelity, keep them entertained, clean their teeth, strengthen their jaws...

A reward for their friendship


DELIDOG© sticks contribute to your pet’s well being and vitality. They are an ideal nutritional complement, rich in vitamins and minerals from fresh meat and carbohydrates from high-quality rice.

You can give them to your dog at any time of day. They are a great training aid: the perfect treat when your dog deserves a reward.

DELI-DOG© snacks look, smell and taste great; they’re a unique treat for your dog.

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You’ll see the difference!
Their look, smell and taste
will keep your pet happy

Natural Diet

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A 100% natural menu for your pet, prepared with whole chunks of fresh meat cooked in its own juices.

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Core, "love bites"

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Heart-shaped chicken bites; a treat for your pet.

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A delicious snack for dogs made from fresh meat, shaped into a narrow stick.

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